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Orchestral Classics for Marching Band by SixtoFiveProductions


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Arranged masterfully by World Drum Corps Hall of Fame Arranger Jerry Kelsey, along with tasteful percussion writing by John Max McFarland, these 5 arrangements of classic orchestral literature are sure to be staples in any marching band's repertoire.  With nearly 11 minutes of outstanding music to choose from, you can either purchase separate movements ($400 each) via the dropdown menu on the right or purchase them all at the discounted price listed above.*
*When purchasing individual arrangements, the $1800 package price is automatically added to your shopping cart by default.  Be sure to remove this from your cart before check out to get the correct price of the arrangements you purchased.  


Orchestral Classics for Marching Band Include:

1. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor/Night on Bald Mountain - Bach/Mussorgsky (2:06)

2. Elsa's Procession to the Cathedral - Wagner (1:47)

3. Canon in D Major - Pachelbel (1:52)

4. Overture to The Barber of Seville - Rossini (2:05)

5. Symphony No. 9, Mvt 4 "From the New World" - Dvorak (2:22)




FluteGlock/Xylo (1 Player)
ClarinetVibraphone 1,2
Alto SaxMarimba 1,2
Tenor SaxSynthesizer
Bari SaxTimpani
Trumpet 1, 2Percussion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
TromboneTenors (5 drums)
BaritoneBass Drums (5 Drums)




-Numerous opportunities for full ensemble expression

-Numerous subito tempo changes

-Full ensemble moments with rhythmic demands

-Any range issues outside of normal tessitura accompanied by divisi


-Unison (minus tenor and bari sax) 4-note 32nd note run at 92 bpm
-Picc/Flute/Clarinet unison 8th note triplet run at 144 bpm
-Several 16th note runs ~140 bpm
-Unison 8th note/16th note/16th note triplet feature at Half Note = 92 bpm
-Clarinet part divisi into 3 parts


-Trumpet and Mellophone 4-note 32nd note run at 92 bpm
-Extended unison staccatto quarter note passage
-Trumpet and Trombone 8th note/16th note/16th note triplet (minus Trombone) run passage at Half Note = 92 bpm


-Extended unison 8th note triplet and 16th note runs

-16th note 4 mallet permutations in Marimbas

-4 mallet block chords in Vibraphones

-Timpani must be able to change pitches while playing

-Synthesizer must be able to control volume while playing, as well as change patches without rest (splitting keyboard recommended)

-Percussion 1 has exposed concert snare moment

-Percussion 1 and 2 have tambourine moments that alternate between rolls and staccato quickly


-Standard rudiments (Singles, Doubles, Extended Rolls, Paradiddle variations, Flam variations) at all tempi

-Extended 16th-note roll in snares at 88 bpm

-Bass drums perform 8th note based 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s

-Snares and Bass drum have extended sextuplet roll at 144 bpm

-Multiple triplet based single drags and tap 5’s

-Snare drums and top bass drum utilize brushes

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