The Haunting

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The Haunting - Marching Band by SixtoFiveProductions


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The Haunting delves into the story of a modest family moving into a new home.  The excitement and elation of stepping foot in their new house quickly loses its buzz when they begin to hear strange sounds emanating throughout the domicile.  What starts as a joyous celebration, turns to horror as the family quickly realizes they are not alone!  From apparitions, to dancing ghosts, to ghastly demons; will the family members escape the horror?  Will they be consumed by the terror lurking in the home? Was it all a dream?



I.  The Quaint Home (2:14)

II, Malevolent or Benevolent (2:18)

III. GET OUT! (2:43)


Tempo Range (in BPM): 80 - 160



PiccoloGlock/Xylo (1 player)
FluteVibraphone 1, 2
Clarinet 1, 2Marimba 1, 2
Alto SaxSynthesizer
Tenor SaxSampler
Bari SaxTimpani
Trumpets 1, 2Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2
MellophoneSnare Drums
TromboneTenor Drums (5 Drums)
Baritone5 Bass Drums* 
Tuba* 4 Bass Drum Configuration Available Upon Request
Oboe Soloist 



  • Oboe, Trumpet, Flute Soloists

  • Considerable Rhythmic Demand, with sharp, sporadic sounds from all sections.

  • Chromaticism is used heavily throughout.


  • Tpt. 1 part reaches concert C (above staff) with no divisi.

  • Trombones should be able to flutter tongue during a glissando.


  • Chromatic sections with 8th note and 16th unison runs (not incl. saxes)

  • Percussion 1 should be fluent in concert snare drum techniques

  • 4-mallet permutations in Vibraphone and Marimba parts

  • 16th note unison ostinati in all keyboard parts

  • Synth should be able to either split keyboard into two halves or perform on sampler and keyboard simultaneously

  • Extended 16th note run transitioning into sextuplet run at 80 bpm

  • Extended 16th note-based rolls at 86 bpm, followed by 32nd note Paraddle figures
  • Sextuplet 3’s runs at 160 bpm (Basses)
  • Multiple “Up Rolls” at 160 bpm, both 8th note and 8th note triplet based
  • Tenor Cross-overs during 16th note singles at 160 bpm
  • Multiple 16th note Lazers (Basses)
  • 8th note Triplet Flam-Tap Figures at 156 bpm (Upper Battery)
  • Multiple Left-Hand Rim Shots (Upper Battery)
  • Multiple Metric accell’s
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