Beyond the Light

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Beyond the Light - Marching Band by SixtoFiveProductions


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It felt so real.  I was surrounded by a bright light.  It was so bright.  The brightest light I’ve ever seen. And there was a voice coming  from the light.  It kept telling me to step closer….step closer…step closer
Beyond the Light examines a little girl's recollection of an encounter with the unknown.  Did something from beyond actually speak to her?  Did she have an out of body experience?  The show traverses this uncharted realm by revealing the beauty of this light, questioning its origins, and exploring what's beyond the light!  This is an emotional show that will be sure to captivate the audience!



I.  Recollections of the Light (2:13)

II, Return to the Light (2:25)

III. Beyond the Light (2:25)


Tempo Range (in BPM): 66- 160

Clarinet 1, 2Vibraphone
Alto SaxMarimba 1, 2
Tenorr SaxSynthesizer
Bari SaxSampler
Trumpets 1, 2Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2, 3
MellophoneSnare Drums
TromboneTenor Drums (6 drum configuration)

4 Bass Drums*

Tuba*5 Bass Drum Part Available Upon Request



  • Strong PA System strongly recommended so samples and soloists can be heard clearly.

  • Live narration recommended

  • Frequent use of unison syncopation across wind parts.

  • Numerous opportunities for dynamic expression

  • Several low voice melodic moments


  • Baritone Soloist

  • Syncopated unison phrase incl. Low brass 16th note run.

  • Short 16th note runs (Trumpets, Mellophones)



  • Flute solo (microphone recommended)

  • Alto Saxophone Solo (Demanding)

  • Extended syncopated unison phrase

  • Marimbas and Vibraphones use 4-mallet grip

  • Extended double stop ostinato in all mallets (except vibraphone)

  • Synthesizer performs 6 voice chords with two separate patches

  • Unison 8th note triplet to 16th note run in all mallets

  • 16th note paradiddle variations

  • Triplet-based diddle figures at 152 bpm

  • 16th note-based roll during Molto Rit.

  • 6 count triplet roll at 160 bpm

  • 16th note “Twos” runs (Bass Drums)

  • 16th note doubles with RH while muting with LH (Bass Drums)

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