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About Time - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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Time...A concept that has baffled our greatest thinkers and philosophers. Once thought to be relentless and unmoving, Albert Einstein discovers that time is simply relative. Quantum physicists propose many theories about time. When did it all begin? And when...will it end? 


About Time is an exploration of the inescapable realities of time itself.  The show utilizes many different concepts including rhythmic mixed meters (dotted quarter-note vs. quarter-note for instance), the fact that our time eventually comes to an end, as well as a play on the title utilizing long phrases and members of the ensemble who eventually come in at the last second! 


Segment 1 - Relativity (2:52)

Segment 2 - Reflections on the Past (2:18)

Segment 3 - Time's Up! (2:16)

Total Time:  (7:26)

Tempo Range (in BPM): 76 - 160

PiccoloGlock/Xylo (1 Player)
FluteVibes 1, 2
Clarinet 1, 2Marimba 1, 2
Alto SaxophoneSynthesizer
Tenor SaxophoneSampler
Baritone SaxophoneDrumset
Trumpet 1, 2Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2
MellophoneSnare Drums
TromboneTenor Drums
Baritone4 Bass Drums*
Tuba*(5 Bass Drum part available upon request)



  • Frequent use of chromaticism

  • Semi-frequent meter changes

  • Front Ensemble should have adequate sound system to project voice samples clearly. A subwoofer is also recommended for low-pitches bass samples

  • Full Percussion extended metric accell (Time Effect)



  • Trumpet 1 reaches concert Bb above staff (with lower div.)

  • Baritone Soli

  • Trumpet Solos

  • Numerous full-brass fortissimo long tones



  • Alto Saxaphone Soli incl. short 16th note modal runs

  • Extended unison staccato figure (Clocks Ticking effect)

  • Baritone Saxophone Soli

  • Clarinet Duet

  • Marimbas and Vibraphones require 4-mallet technique

  • Extended Chromatic Runs (Marimbas and Vibraphones)

  • 4-mallet rolls at piano to begin Mvt. 2 (Marimbas and Vibraphones)

  • Extended run switching between 16th note triplets and 16th notes. (76 bpm)

  • Multiple Double-Stop Octave passages

  • Drumset requires light limb independence.

  • Frequent Triplet Roll figures

  • 16th note Paradiddle Variations (Paradiddlediddles, Paradiddle Taps, etc)

  • Multiple Crossovers during 16th note patterns (Tenors)

  • Several Sextuplet Paradiddlediddle figures (Upper Battery)

  • Flam variations (Flam Accent and Flam Taps, Flam Drags)

  • Extended 16th note-based roll in upper batt. with scrapes in quads

  • Bass Drums should be able to perform 16th note 2’s and 3’s runs frequently.

  • Isolated upbeat LH Strokes between RH 8th note ostinato

  • Alternate between single strokes and double strokes during 16th note run (upper batt)

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