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Firebird - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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Tempo Range
  • 80
  • 168

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Firebird is a masterful treatment of Stravinsky's "Firebird Suite" by World Drum Corps Hall of Fame arranger, Jerry Kelsey. Including fresh percussion arrangements and electronics design by composer, John Max McFarland, this reimagination of Stravinsky's original masterpiece will set any band apart from the competition.


Segment 1 (2:52)

Segment 2 (2:31)

Segment 3 (1:30)

Total Time:  (6:54)


Tempo Range (in BPM): 80 - 168

PIccoloGlock/Xylo (1 Person)
FluteVibes/Chimes/Crotales (1 Person)
Bass ClarinetSynthesizer
Alto SaxophoneAuxiliary Percussion 1, 2
Tenor SaxophoneSnare Drums
Bari SaxophoneTenor Drums (5 drums)
Trumpets 1, 2, 34 Bass Drums*
Mellophone*(5 Bass Part Available Upon Request)




- Accel from 132 bpm to 144 bpm over 2 measures

- Opt. Accel from 144 bpm to 168 bpm over 4 measures

- Subito tempo changes

- Extended upbeat passages

- Full ensemble 8th note runs

- Extended full ensemble trill





- Multiple Trumpet Solos

- Short Small Ensemble

- Opt. Tuba Solo




-  Modal 16th note run at 132 bpm (Flute/Clar 1)

-  Chromatic 8th note, 8th note triplet, and 16th note runs (All except bass voices)


- Extended 4-mallet lateral roll (Marimba)

- 5-voice chords in Synthesizer

- Chromatic 8th note ostinato

- Extended double stop passages

- Extended 8th note run passage with interspersed 16th notes (max 3 beats)

- 16th note passage on Hi-Hat and Castanets (Percussion 1 and 2)


- Paradiddle variations during accel (132-144 bpm) (Upper Battery Only)

- Perform basic rudiments (Flams, Paradiddles, Rolls) at all show tempi (Upper Battery Only)

- Upbeat Roll passage at 144 bpm (Tenors Only)

- 16th note scrape patterns at 168 bpm (Tenors Only)

- Feature with “puffies”

- Upbeat Paradiddle passage at 144 bpm (Snares Only)

- 16th note 2’s runs at 144 (Bass Drums)

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